Open Eye

Every college student knows the importance of a good cup of coffee. It can help you stay focused throughout the day, but can also provide a much needed break to re-energize. I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means, though I do appreciate a good brew – but more importantly, a good atmosphere to enjoy it in.

When I first visited The Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro, I was surprised by how cozy it felt while still being spacious and airy. There was gentle background music playing, eclectic seating options and of course, delicious coffee and pastries. Walking into the shop, immediately I was immersed in the intricate aroma of freshly ground beans and baked goods.

On my first trip to the Open Eye I did not branch out much. I had a simple coffee with cream and sugar but it was perfect. Open Eye supports local businesses by buying their beans from Counter Culture Coffee in Durham. This helps me to appreciate their coffee even more, as I grew up in Durham and support it any way that I can.

The overall environment makes Open Eye an inviting and friendly place to study, converse with friends or just relax. I anticipate going there for many coffee breaks in the future and look forward to trying more of their menu.


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