Grandfather Mountain

The highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountain range (elv. 5,946 ft), Grandfather Mountain is a globally recognized nature preserve that gets its name from looking like the silhouette of a mans face. It is home to beautiful scenic views, a mile high swinging bridge, miles of hiking trails and unmatched ecological diversity.

I distinctly remember the first time I visited Grandfather Mountain. To say that it was awe inspiring would be an understatement. Taking in all of the magnificent scenery is a task that could go on forever and the crisp mountain air is refreshing after even the most strenuous of hikes.

Walking across the Mile High Swinging Bridge is an experience unlike any that I have had before. It makes you feel as if you floating in the clouds and the 360 degree view of the mountain scenery that it gives you is nothing less than breathtaking. While traversing the bridge I could see down to the natural habitats that are home to over 7o rare and endangered species.

The mountain can never be experienced the same way twice, which is what makes it so unique, beautiful and interesting.


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