Bald Head Island

Accessible only by ferry, Bald Head Island is located to the East of the Cape Fear River. Although fairly small and remote, it is a perfect vacation spot. Picturesque and relaxing, Bald Head Island is a place that has something for everyone.

I went last summer with my mom and it was a day trip unlike any I have had before. The islands unique geography allows the sun to both rise and set over the Atlantic Ocean every day. Beaches surround its eastern, southern and western shores, and 10,000 of the islands total 12,000 acres are set aside as wildlife preserves. Bald Head Island is also home to the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina – Old Baldy, which was built in 1817.

We started off the day with a 20 minute ferry ride from Southport over to the island where we rented a golf cart for the day because there are no cars allowed on the island! I loved this because it gave the island a peaceful feel, no one was in a hurry – just there to enjoy themselves and the surrounding environments.

Driving around the island we were able to see the abundant wildlife, especially birds – over 260 species – that the island is home to. The Bald Head Island Conservancy monitors the wildlife very closely and ensures that the people of the island live harmoniously with nature.

We spent most of our time on one of the pristine beaches, walking along the shoreline, collecting shells and enjoying each others company. When the day was finally over, I did not want to leave because it felt as if I had spent time in another world, one in which time stopped and people were at peace. I look forward to the day when I can go back and spend even more time there.


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