Eno River State Park

With the past week finally beginning to feel like spring, there is nothing I want more than to spend time outside relaxing in nature. The best place in the area that I have found to do this is the Eno River State Park. The Eno River flows through both Durham and Orange County and past mature forests, historic mill sites, and river bluffs. There are almost 30 miles of trails that provide the perfect place for a leisurely walk or run, practice photography or just enjoy nature.

Growing up in Durham, the Eno River was part of my every day as I not only lived by it but would also go running on it every day. The Eno River State Park is interesting and unique because there are several sites along the trails that you can explore, including the Pump Station Trail , which is known as the best spring wildflower trail in the park. The Pump Station Trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop that will take you through Durham’s first water pumping station!


Some of the other great trails include: the Laurel Bluffs Trail, the Quarry Trail and Bobbit Hole Trail. Each trail is distinct and I hope to continue exploring the Eno River State Park until I have walked or run all of the trails – and if the weather continues like this it should be a welcome challenge.


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