Icelandic Adventure

After spending time in the city of Reykjavik, I headed out for the second part of my Icelandic adventure. Although it was very different than being in the city, it was no less amazing. I took a guided tour through an outdoor expedition company called Goecco. We met at the Hallgrims Church in the center of Reykjavik and from there we started our adventure by traveling along the south shore of Iceland. Our first stop was the beautiful Skogafoss falls and from there we traveled to Reynisfjara black beach in the city of Vik.


Leaving Vik we drove through the biggest lava field in on the planet and across the black desert of Skeidarasandur. (Fun fact: Iceland has 200 earthquakes a day and has 150 active volcanoes!) We finally arrived at the highlight of the tour, Vatnajökull – Europe’s largest glacier, which is located in Skaftafell National Park. The glacier was a brilliant shade of blue and so clear that you could see down into it where layers of volcanic dust were captured beneath the gigantic blocks of ice. We stayed on the glacier for hours, walking around taking in all of its beauty and listening to the sounds of the water running beneath the glacier.


Our next stop was Jökulsarlon, the Glacier lagoon. Surrounded by mountains and the pristine glacial water was full of floating icebergs and seals who make it their home. The glacier beach was also nearby and I got to touch a piece of the ancient iceberg that had floated ashore!


These places are just a few of the many highlights from my trip and overall, the Goecco excursion was an amazing experience and the tour guides were knowledgable, personable and funny. I would highly recommend it to anyone and would do it again myself in heartbeat! Iceland is one of the most beautiful and surreal places that I have ever seen and hope that one day I can go back and experience even more of it.


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