Coker Arboretum

The weather has finally been warm enough to where I actually enjoy walking to class. I am lucky that my walk to classes on campus takes me through the beautiful Coker Arboretum and it has become one of my favorite spots to not only walk through but also to just sit and relax. The Coker Arboretum is managed by the North Carolina Botanical Garden and is one of the Garden’s oldest tracts!

I have gone here countless times when I just want to reflect on my day, practice mindfulness or read a good book. It is peaceful, beautiful and serene and everyone who comes in to the Arboretum appreciates it for these reasons and respects the area. The Arboretum is open from dawn to dusk every day, as well as year-round but is especially beautiful now in the Spring when everything is in bloom.

The Coker Arboretum is a Haven in the Heart of Chapel Hill and one that is well worth finding. On the 100th anniversary of the Arboretum, the curator Dan Stern, wrote a tribute to the first 100 years of the Arboretum, which was founded in 1903. I have been able to enjoy the Arboretum for several years and I know that I will continue to come back to visit and enjoy it long after I have graduated from UNC and hope that others will do the same.


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