The Best Seats on Campus

I am always looking for new and interesting places around UNC’s campus to sit, study and relax. The best spots that I have found are:

  1. The steps of the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower. Sitting on these steps, especially at night, is a beautiful and serene experience. I love being able to look up at the Carolina Blue tiles seeing a monument and icon that thousands of students before me have been able to enjoy.
  2. The Eve Carson Memorial Butterfly Bench. This is one of my favorite benches on campus because not only is it beautiful and comfortable, but it is also the perfect place to view the entire lower quad, which is gorgeous in the spring time!IMG_0826
  3. The Unsung Founders Memorial. Located in the middle of McCorkle Place in front of the Alumni Building, the Unsung Founders Memorial is in the heart of campus. It honors the men and women of color who helped to build Carolina. The memorial is a table made of black granite that is supported by 300 bronze figurines and surrounded by five stone seats and gives a quiet spot to reflect.IMG_0847
  4. The Millholland Azalea Garden. One of the most beautiful places that I have found to quietly read and relax between classes, the Millholland Azalea Garden is located right beside the UNC School of Media and Journalism. It is made up of Azalea’s and several wooden benches that are tucked away behind the flowers which are in full bloom in the spring.

    These are only a few of the beautiful and serene places on UNC’s campus, which is full of hidden gems just waiting to be found!




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